ShadowHood – Wonder Eyes (Audio)

The entire song’s lyrics are telling the story that he is talking narrating how wonderful her eyes are but realizes he is only talking to himself. The contradicting lyrics shows he is communicating with his inner voice.

As she looking outside through the window, her eyes met mine. A sudden connection attracted me. I submitted my eyes to her magic, from her eyes, my own shadow reflected. Her eyes are a pair of hollow, When you look inside, nothing escapes.

From the beginning if “Wonder Eyes,” ShadowHood uses a clarinet sound effect and vocal effects to create a cinematic environment which sets up the dark and ghostly scene. Then he opens up the story by singing the title of the song, wonder eyes. Using his darkest voice, enforced by sound effects, the single presents the story of a pair of dark eyes.

The drop of the beat follows. with Shadowhood singing “as she walks by, she winks her eyes.” At this part, he is seduced by her wonderful magic, and the dark side takes over.

ShadowHood has a very special way of telling the story, by using both his voice and through his clarinet. The musicians dedicates most of his time finding the balance between instrumental complexity and human emotions, achieving something that many do not.

ShadowHood sings through the voice of his instrument, a sorrowful yet powerful sound touching the ears of listeners. He combines with his flawless technique, he carries his tale to the next chapter.

“Wonder Eyes” has it’s own spirit and is coming out to live. By giving it a distinctive sound, with the surround effect, the song creates a spooky but furious scene, putting tje audience into wonder.

The ending of the song is the most interesting part of the song. Not only the surrounding vocal effect that attracts everyone’s attention, but he also plays a very flawless rhythmic line on the clarinet.







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