Neon Cities – Toulouse (Official Music Video)

With a name like Neon Cities what else could you expect but epic synths & chilled-out vibes, you can almost imangine yourself in an 80s flick driving down a foggy & mysterious road with their latest music video for “Toulouse”.

Denver duo Neon Cities self-releases a first music video for their new single Toulouse following the success of their In Waves EP, which has to date accumulated over a half million streams on Spotify since July. Toulouse is a instrumental chillwave composition in the vein of Com Truise, Sun Glitters, or Washed Out for all those folks reaching for warm memories of summer, conjuring up the south of France.  The title comes from Neon Cities’ Chase, who developed the original song concept on a day off in the city of Toulouse while touring with downtempo and ambient artist Tycho.

 The video for Toulouse is a psychedelic and sensual composition developed by Neon Cities own Chase Dobson.  It features time lapse botanical and nature footage moving in time and emphasizing audible cues in the title track to accentuate visually the beautiful nature of Toulouse.
If Toulouse is a sun bleached visit to the South of France, the B Side, Storm on the Isle is it’s dark side, a sprawling, moody, ambient excursion in a rain soaked isle off of Scotland in mid-October.  Those familiar with Neon Cities’ prior releases will recognize the 80’s soundtrack aesthetic from Arcade Dreamer, the closing track from their debut Tessier-Ashpool EP.  Storm on the Isle is marked by its vintage analog synths pulses and drones, creating a longing atmosphere that would not be out of place in the soundtrack for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

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