Eckhardt And The House – Funeral (Audio)\

Eckhardt And The House release what may just possibly be the most upbeat & funky “funeral” music we’ve every heard, check-out this cheerfuly ironic new song.

Eckhardt And The House is the project by producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest. In 2018 the band has developed towards a more uptempo and danceable indie sound, taking elements from pop to avant-garde to disco-funk and twisted it all up into a signature sound with wild experimentation and disregard for the norm.

Their twelfth single Funeral is another groovy tune which reminds us of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club glory days and will undoubtedly be another highlight of their upcoming live-shows. Imagine this eight-piece band rampaging the stage!

With so far eleven singles and an album under their belt the current play count on Spotify is 1.6 Million streams. The band scored iTunes chart positions in ten European countries plus Turkey, Brazil, South Africa and Japan, Spotify charts in The Netherlands, France, Italy and Turkey plus airplay in six European countries and the US. Press rolled in from worldwide.





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