EbZ – Nigmode (Audio)

Rapper & IRL Streamer EbZ transforms a racist internet meme into a motivational anthem about overcoming adversity & fighting back against all odds.

Off the #croaglife project comes #nigmode for those time when you revert to a default personality.

#ebz #ricochetrecords #cx

website: https://www.Theofficialebz.com

music: https://theofficialebz.com/music

merch: https://teespring.com/gatorgator-8383… https://teespring.com/gatorgator-8383…

Support, You can support me to help me grow, in my streams and music. https://streamlabs.com/theofficialebzebz






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Direct Contact EbZ for fanmail, Vindex for visuals. ebz@theofficialebz.com Vindex@theofficialebz.com





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