Penn Johnson – Burn a Little Sage (Audio)

Musician Penn Johnson takes us all on a journey of self-discovery & enlightenment as he spreads peace & positivity on “Burn a Little Sage”.

In November of 2017, after years of darkness, I started down the path toward the light. Observing the struggles of the world, I realized infinite love is the answer (along with hope, healing, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, & speaking one’s truth). This song embodies the struggle of the divine feminine, climate change, social justice, & stillness. I wrote it for the Women’s March in a tree damaged by Hurricane Irma. I plan to share it with every resource I have. It’s up to the world to listen.

“Burn a Little Sage, Remember Where You Are…”

An old soul in a 21st century body, Penn Johnson is digging his roots into the earth and raising the vibrations of those around him by weaving consciousness through storytelling.





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