Shotty Horroh – Frank & Stein (Official Music Video)

“Frank & Stein” is about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you may view as scary or daunting. It’s about conquering fear to get what you want.

“Frank & Stein” was inspired by a man called David Goggins – his story had me in a go for broke, push it to the limits mind state. Goggins said he created a more mean, powerful him in his mind which lead to his success, hence the Frankenstein reference.

This is the first time in my career that I’m showing people Adam – the real me. For years, I became Shotty Horroh for safety. Salt of the Earth is stories about Adam and that’s how it’ll be from now till the end of time.

When a guitar broke out one night in practice, what emerged was the sound of my musical roots – Salt of the Earth, my debut LP, began to take shape. Back home, rock and roll’s always been working class music. As a Mancunian, that sound just resonates more than anything else.

Salt of the Earth is now out!

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