HUMANS – Going Late (Official Music Video)

‘Going Late’, is Electronic duo HUMANS latest music video, that combines minimalist beats, sensual vocals and reggae-infused guitar melodies to create a track that is as laid-back and smooth as it is vibrant and danceable.

‘Going Late’ is nine minutes of sensual minimalist groove bliss that’ll leave you wanting to slide smoothly onto a low-lit dance-floor. The video for the track wholly reflects this mood, following a group of friends as they bounce around the city in slick matching jackets, prompting dance-offs with strangers and exuding camaraderie. Directed by Peter of HUMANS himself, the video is an aesthetic triumph of neon blues, greens and reds against a nighttime cityscape, capturing both the cold neon of the setting and the warm connections of friendship, all with the retro edge of a vintage 1970s film.

On the video for the new single, Peter comments, “The video for ‘Going Late’ is a homage to classic 70s films like The Warriors. We even went to the extent of shooting it on 35mm film. The crew on and off camera was 90% made up of our close friends so it must’ve been one of the most pleasant shoots we’ve ever done and I believe it shows on camera.”

‘Going Late’ Tracklist:

1. Breakfast With Liz

2. Felony

3. RUN ft. So Loki

4. Birthday Jam

5. Going Late

6. Bout Chu

7. Years

8. Blinds

9. Noose

10. Water Water

11. Still About You


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