J Hacha De Zola – Syn Illusión (Audio)

‘Syn Illusión’ means ‘without delusion’ in Spanish,” Hacha De Zola continues, “but it also refers to the heavy synth sounds on this EP.” The “stripped down” J Hacha De Zola sound that he says he was going for has actually turned out to be his most produced effort to date.

As the Rahway, New Jersey-based artist J Hacha De Zola preps his fourth album of “urban junkyard” tunes, prompting Paste to proclaim him “a wild man in the vein of such fire breathing artists likeScreamin’ Jay Hawkins and Captain Beefheart,” he is taking an unexpected detour.

“Syn Illusión” an original, all-Spanish language EP that Hacha De Zola will release on Nov. 16th, could very well open the man that UTNE described as “the kind of alluring character found in old children’s books” to an audience as unexpected as this release is itself.

“A dear friend challenged me to step outside of this ‘J Hacha’ guy,” Hacha De Zola says. “Maybe ‘J Hacha’ had a more sensitive side; maybe that guy would write a record in Spanish, my first language. I originally went into this idea of a record in Spanish telling myself, ‘I’m just going to do a stripped downHacha record, but it didn’t turn out that way at all!’”


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