TheNMEBeats – Straight Outta Hate (Mixtape)

This Chicago-based rapper and producer is a multi-talented hit making machine,as he flips modern rap tactics upside down with his rapid-fire flows & melodies.

Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, but mostly raised in the suburbs, The__NME is a self taught producer, graphic designer, and independent artist. One visit to his personal website (, where visitors can buy beats, view artwork and stream his latest music, makes it clear The__NME is not not playing when it comes to his craft or commitment to excellence.

Previously collaborating on ‘The GTA Tape’ with Shuey Hendrix, Stack Souloh, and Flvcko, which he entirely mixed and mastered, Southside Chicago’s The__NME returns with his own body of work, ‘Straight Outta Hate.’ According to the self taught producer, graphic designer and artist, “I gave it this name because I feel this kind of music and wordplay represents an upbringing that many people go through, allowing them to change into people that have no love for others, or even themselves.”
Coming correct on “Go In” (as an intro track should), the 8 track project progresses nicely as The_NME highlights his lyrical ability to the backdrop of smooth, hard hitting production. Whether he’s flexing supreme storytelling skills on “Off The Drank,” repping indie life on “Carvings On The Wall” or spitting that real over ill production on “Been The Same” and “Consistent,” ‘Straight Outta Hate’ has a vibe for the everyday life of anybody on their grind.

It’s not to often an artist splashes this hard on a debut project, with no features or need to resort to gimmicks and other attention seeking behavior. So, for The__NME to come through with ‘Straight Outta Hate’ is the breath of fresh air and new sound the game needs in its current state of clout chasing and imitation. Even though ‘Straight Outta Hate’ serves as his first solo effort, The__NME makes it clear there better be room made for his presence.
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