Chris Jobe – Backwards (Official Music Video)

“The song ‘Backwards’ highlights a relationship that’s in limbo,” Jobe explained. “While writing the song, I wasn’t sure if I was getting back together with an ex for good reasons, or if I was revisiting a dying flame for the sake of comfortable nostalgia.

“Nashville’s Chris Jobe is part of a pop renaissance quickly spreading across the historically-country Tennessee capital,” All Things Go‘s Justin Bieggar wrote on Thursday. “Opening with an immediate car wreck that seems to only daze our star, the video moves to highlight confusion and disorientation amidst intimate moments in a dark room. Warm light drives the point home as Chris’s soft vocals underline intensity.”

The DC-based blog and festival curator premiered the trippy new reel yesterday, showcasing Jobe’s battles with love déjà vu.

Jobe, who writes, plays, and produces all of this own music and graphics, released his debut single, “Thank You Internet,” last year, which reached over 1 million views on Facebook after the platform discovered and promoted the music video for the track.

With his new material, the soulful singer, known for his heart-on-his-sleeve honesty and rejection of machismo, aims to showcase sensitivity as a strength in a world that needs it now more than ever.

“Backwards” is available now via SoundCloudSpotifyApple MusicAmazonTidalDeezer, and Google Play, with the accompanying visual streaming on YouTube.

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