Alex Lilly – Distracting Me (Audio)

Lilly’s songs – she describes her sound as “sexy psychological thriller” – are synthy, syrupy, and suspicious i.e. there’s something going on here that’s not only pop, but actually pops.

Los Angeles-based artist Alex Lilly is a renaissance female.

In addition to the writing, arranging, producing, and playing of her own music, Lilly has established a notable career out on the road as a part of the touring bands of such esteemed musicians Beck, Lorde, Ry Cooder, and the bird and the bee. When Lilly’s in L.A, she has stayed busy throughout the years with her own projects such as Obi Best, The Living Sisters, Touché, and Zero DeZire.

Now Lilly is bringing all of her talents, ideas, and her singular voice to the table in the form of 2% Milk, her debut full-length album, out Jan. 11th, 2019 via newly-formed Release Me Records.

Lilly’s ability to take a song out of the realm of merely entertaining to intriguing is all over the album’s first single “Distracting Me,” a tune dedicated to the idea of enjoying the annoying. “Distracting Me” isavailable on all major streaming platforms today.

“Most of the time, I don’t like distractions, they get in my way,” Lilly sings on the song. “What made you the exception? Showing up and all I can think of to say: I love it when you are distracting me from what I think I need to do.”

“What better testament to loving someone than when you enjoy their interruptions?” Lilly explains of the tune.


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