LeeMann Bassey – 6 Feet Under (Audio)

LeeMann Bassey’s “6 Feet Under” represents an introspective look into your final resting place. This slow & soulful ballad blends elements of Jazz and Blues with a vintage 1990s era R&B flair to it.

This is a heartfelt ballad by model/singer LeeMann Bassey. The average model height is 6 Feet, which is above average for the average person. “6 Feet Under” delves into the imperfections of life. Models are seen as the most beautiful people in the world, but you can’t change your height just like you can’t change your heritage. This song speaks to the hearts of many who feel as though they don’t make the grade.

This song will be included on LeeMann’s 2 song single “Colored” available on October 31st.

LeeMann Bassey is a talented artist with a passion for soulful R&B vibes and electrifying dance music.
Hailing from Central Islip, NY, LeeMann set out to charm his audience with a blend of stunning melodies, infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. He debuted officially during the summer of 2017 although he changed his stage name to Lee Alexander briefly after a brief stint in the gospel music realm.

Although singing is a passion of his, he actually is a full-time model and has worked with some re-known photographers such Cavier Coleman, Jimi Sweet, and Luis Lozano. He will also be starring in a modeling reality show in 2019. This charismatic performer is quickly generating quite a powerful buzz around his work. Due to his distinctive approach to songwriting, LeeMann has often been likened to artists as diverse as Prince, Michael Jackson or D’Angelo, just to mention a few. 

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