D-dub – Mind Games (EP)

D-dub is definitely one to look-out for as he not only raps with impecable flow & lyricism but he produced each track as well.

Although he has been recording and releasing music on SoundCloud for over half of his life, Mind Games marks D-dub’s first commercial release to all streaming services. Released on October 5th, the EP is completely self-produced with the exception of collaboration from Miles Bigelow on the first track “Haha” and from the LA-based artist Caye on the fifth track “Movie.”

The EP features D-dub’s versatile taste as acquired with fourteen years of music experience. Songs like “Push Me” and “Movie” show his guitar prowess, while “Last” shows the multi hyphenate’s outstanding knowledge of music theory and chord structure. D-dub’s lyrics are as crisp and clever as ever. Overall, the project is consistent with each song complimenting and fleshing out the last.

Having just announced a music video for “Movie” and an upcoming LP with Seattle based artist SWSHR, D-dub is certainly on the come up; and his music reflects that.

Check out Mind Games as well as other material from the budding artist via SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/d_dub-1






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