The Growlers – Problems III (Official Music Video)

Psych-Rock darlings The Growlers drop “Problems III” and if you have any problems just imagine what the maid has to deal with in this music videos Motel full of creepy crawlers.

The Growlers – “Problems III” (Official Video)

Directed by Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland

Special Thanks to all of the little creatures that starred in this video: Herb the Scorpion, Froggo the Frog, Noodle the Snail, Ozzy and Harriot the Cockroaches, Millipete and Pete the Millipedes, Barbara and Deborah the Mantises, and the many hornworms for throwing the party. We love you. Little alien by United by Joy.

From the album, Casual Acquaintances, on Beach Goth Records and Tapes. Vinyl, tour dates, news, merch and more at


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