New Ordinance – All Of Me (Audio)

“All Of Me” by NY duo Expedition Music encapsulates a wide gamit of emotions, with synths & rhythms that touch upon universal issues we can all relate to such as love, life, & loss.

Officially being released on September 28th, 2018 All Of Me represents some of the finest music that New Ordinance has created to-date, and puts their authentic perspective right into the spotlight for all to hear what makes them so insightfully unique & genuinely sets them apart from the rest. They give everything they have to each & every moment of their music to make every second count – because in life, love, and music, it all comes down to commitment & dedication…and New Ordinance is full of both. Join them as they take their new single All Of Me straight to the top of the charts this year, proving the most powerful emotions are universally shared between us all, no matter how heartbreaking they are.





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