Poor Nameless Boy – Catch Up and Slow Down (Official Music Video)

In today’s fast-paced world filled with instant messages, notifications, and gratification we never slow things down. If we only did we would discouver a vastly different world filled with genuine connections & conversations. Poor Nameless Boy explores all this and more with his latest visuals for “Catch Up and Slow Down”.

How have you been?” I ask.

“Good. Busy,” is the answer I receive most often.

In my heart of hearts, I want time to move slower, especially in true moments of connection.

Drinking coffee with best friends. Nurturing a long-distance relationship.

Slow down the busyness. Find time to truly connect with those most important to you. Sometimes that person might even be someone you see every day.

The simplest lyric from “Catch Up And Slow Down” sums it up best;

Give your heart to me. It’s been too long.

Poor Nameless Boyhttp://poornamelessboy.com



Directed and Edited by: Crushed Rockets – Aaron + Sherona Sinclair Hair and Makeup: Alexandra Barabe Actors: Meghan Grad, Aaron Brousseau, Andrew Hiltz, Haley Michal Holtslander, Marji Triol, Megan Sheila B. Mellquist, Sunita Filina, Chelsee Ebenal Blackett, Kirston Daughn, Michelle Arnusch, Dean Renwick, Christina Persson, Derek Pekrul Thank you: The Capitol, Mi-Bus Transportation, Regina Downtown BID.





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