Panicland – Wasted (Audio)

Panicland’s “Wasted” is an epic sounding, grandious, and deeply personal track about giving your all to someone and getting nothing back in return.

They say emotions run higher when you’re exhausted. From late at night until the early morning, I can be found in my home studio, The Souvenir Shop. Filled with Gremlin dolls, Back to the Future memorabilia and other pop culture souvenirs from past decades, the studio is my mecca.  

Our new single, “Wasted,” was the result of an hour-long midnight session at The Souvenir Shop. I originally wrote the song for somebody, almost as a conversation, and didn’t mean for anyone else to hear it. It was recorded in less than an hour, just holding a cheap mic and trying to get it done as fast as I could so I could send it off to the rest of the band while they were still up. They immediately loved it and although it was re-recorded in a more traditional studio, we decided to release the original demo recorded that night.

Even people who go out to the hippest clubs and love the latest bangers have a side of them that will belt out “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the drive home. That’s the side of a person that we want to connect with on “Wasted.”

To me, the greatest songs are also the simplest songs – but writing a simple song is the hardest thing to do. The feeling of being on a roll, writing a great song…it’s such a high. It’s a feeling I chase every day.

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