Kyan Palmer – Burn Mona Lisa (EP)

Kyan Palmer blurs the lines between Pop, R&B, and Soul with his latest EP “Burn Mona Lisa”, as he crafts a dark & amourous aura around each track with heavy synths & electro inspired instrumentation.

Named after his viral debut single, the Burn Mona Lisa EP succinctly weaves together buoyant melodies, intoxicating pop production, and Palmer’s signature soulful R&B vocals. The 10-song EP may seem untraditionally long, but it marks the end of an era for Palmer, sweetly wrapping up his string of successful releases and offering up three previously unheard addictive pop gems.

The EP kicks off with “Burn Mona Lisa,” the viral sensation that gained over 3M+ Spotify streams and catapulted Palmer into the spotlight, and ends with a revamped hip-hop version of the track, featuring emerging NYC rapper Yuri Joness (Columbia Records) – “Burn Mona Lisa (feat Yuri Joness).” The EP also features past releases such as “Hidden Feelings,” “Can’t Help It,” “Somebody Else (with Haley Vassar),” “Don’t Talk About it (with Michael Mar),” “Poetry In Motion,” and his most recent single, “Make It Up.” The new additions to the EP include focus single “Pretend That You Love Me,” a sultry pop-laced love ballad, and “Nothing But Ghosts,” a brooding dark-pop anthem.

The road to the Burn Mona Lisa EP has not been a traditional one and Arizona-raised, LA-based Kyan Palmer is proof that there is no one path to success in the music industry. A former employee of Republic Records, Palmer released his debut single while still sitting behind a desk in the Universal Music Group building. With no expectations and no team behind him, his debut single “Burn Mona Lisa” took a life of it’s own and rapidly amassed over 3 million, hitting the viral charts in the US, Canada and Singapore.

Since his initial release, Palmer has stepped out from behind his desk and into the spotlight. Now relocated from New York to LA, Palmer has quickly risen as a promising act to watch with his unique blend of pop and R&B. He has also become a sought-after songwriter, collaborating with the likes of Little Mix, PRETTYMUCH, Sam Fischer, Alex Tirheimer (Andy Grammar, Sabrina Claudio), The Fliptones (Britney Spears, Jason DeRulo) and Aire Atlantica, among others.

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