Langston Francis – Circles (Official Music Video)

A song is about a relationship that may have felt healthy and productive at one time, but has fallen into that circular phase where you aren’t moving forwards or backwards.

“Circles” was first brought to life while my friend and I were freestyling/playing guitar behind my school. About a week later, I decided that I wanted to try and cut the song when I was in the studio with my team. I had the idea to use some reverse piano sounds off the jump and from there, I sang the hook that I had initially been singing over the different guitar chords. It all started to come together around that.

I’m super amped about the “Circles” video – I think it’s definitely the best one we’ve done so far. I got to work with one of the favourite directors, Elliot Clancy-Osberg (FCKD IT UP) for the second time, and he really nailed this one. Without giving too much away, it’s essentially a lot of VFX, and I spent most of the shoot literally spinning on a circular podium.

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