Pleasure Craft – Its Not Real (Audio)

Pleasure Craft (aka Sam Lewis) crafts a dream-like aura with his Electro-Pop anthem “Its Not Real”.

It’s Not Real” is where everything started, about three years ago when I first moved to Toronto. It’s a song about change and how surreal it was to relocate from rural British Columbia to a big city. The first single to be taken from my forthcoming EP1, and I’m happy to share “It’s Not Real” with you today!

I like to produce and write everything myself to establish the mood, lyrics, and core of each song. But I find that if I include other people — send a demo off to one of my friends to add a synth line or a guitar part — the songs get a more rounded, multi-dimensional sound.

Written between 2016-2018 and recorded both at home and Humber Recording Studios, my hope is that some people will listen to EP1 as a cohesive piece. It may only be an EP, but the lyrics and narrative are meaningful and intentional – I hope that can get across to someone.

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