Øksendal – Starstruck (Audio)

 Full of energy and good feelings. The voice is unique and the wrapping is quite playful and unconventional. And just wait for the guitar solo, you have never heard anything like it!!!

Starstruck” is one of nine songs featured on Øksendals debut album Stay for dinner scheduled for release Spring 2019.

With Norwegian grammy award winning Kjetil Grande producing, Dagfinn Øksendal on vocals/guitar, the amazing Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen on drums/percussion and the unpredictable creative mind of Ragnar Lillemark playing bass and slide guitar, this album really hit the grade and became something different, something dusty and honest. It turned into something unique and needed in the music scene today. Or at last that’s what I believe to be true.

Check out the advance of “Starstruck” via Soundcloud, with the official single release October 5th 2018



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