Oh Geronimo – For The Dogs (Official Music Video)

Oh Geronimo drops one heck of an emotional tear-jerker with “For The Dogs” which is an amazing & soulful song about what else our love for our little four legged buddies. On top of all that they’ve partnered up with a local dog rescue charity “Save Our Scruff” making this song all the more better & special.

“For The Dogs” is directly inspired by our love for dogs, and the experiences we’ve shared with our own pets. Unfortunately, nature runs its course, and we usually end up outliving our companions, which is one of the hardest trials anyone can face. We hope this song sums up all of these feelings, and makes you cherish your pets even more.

We’ve partnered up with dog-rescue charity Save Our Scruff for the release of this video and song. All proceeds generated by “For The Dogs” will go to support SOS. The video features several rescue dogs that have been adopted through the charity. It was cut together by our very own T.J. Bowman. Website:Save Our Scruff

To celebrate the release of “For The Dogs,” we will be playing a benefit concert at Toronto’s Supermarket on October 12. All proceeds generated from the show will also go to Save Our Scruff. We think all dogs deserve love and a happy life, but we strongly encourage everyone to consider adopting through a rescue organization.

Tour Dates

9/26 – TORONTO, ON – Horseshoe Tavern

10/12 – TORONTO, ON – Supermarket

11/8 – HAMILTON, ON – The Casbah

12/7-8 – BURLINGTON, ON – Burly Calling Festival

12/29 – EXETER, ON – The Cultural Collective Studio & Lounge



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