Jangle Town – Ramblin’ Boots (Audio)

Swedish Garagerock band releases “Ramblin’ Boots” a rebellious track that is steeped in that classic 1960s vintage surf rock sound.

“Ramblin’ Boots” is the second single from Swedish garage outfit Jangle Town. 60s pop meets garagerock is still a good description, but this time there’s a horn section present in the messy soundscape.

“-It was decided first thing when we started out. Some of the songs on the album would feature horns. All our old heroes and heroines tried it with a fantastic result. The sound of horns is beautiful. And something happens when that sound collides with rock’ n roll”.

“Ramblin Boots” is available for streaming and download across all digital platforms by August 31, 2018

Spotify link to release: https://play.spotify.com/album/0KQT1bEgDLNnU6QgpAioRr





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