Bearwear – I’ll take you anywhere (Official Music Video)

“I’ll take you anywhere” by Bearwear is love song about caring so deeply for someone that you’ll do anything for them and Bearwear takes that to the extreme. With some trippy visuals that’ll have you feeling like your on some kind of acid trip, this is one you gotta re-watch a couple times to truly comprehend.

Bearwear – I’ll take you anywhere

Chorus Vocal by eureka (For Tracy Hyde)
Directed by イラミナタカヒロ(こみゅにけいしょん/pooll)
Recorded by Enomoto (See You Smile)

“DREAMING IN.” 2018.10.24. Release
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東京の2人組インディロックバンド Bearwear のデビュー作『DREAMING IN.』からの先行トラック

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