Running Red Lights – Salt (Audio)

Heartbreak never sounded so painless & fun thanks to Running Red Light, much in part thanks to their upbeat folksy sound & duelling vocals which give the song a unique depth & perspective to such a heavily drawn upon musical theme.

“Salt” was a song we did not see approaching. It was not the usual process of chiselling away at a block of granite with a pencil. The song fell out as fluid as a breeze through an open window. It wasn’t until afterwards that we could see a considerable contrast between the melody and the lyrics – but who were we to argue with divine will of the songwriting Gods? They intervened, as they so often do, at the most ill-timed moment…inside the basement washroom of a Toronto tavern.

The idea was drunkenly captured as an iPhone voice memo, and demoed the following day.  Despite the cheery, bright production, “Salt” is actually rather melancholy – touching on subjects of depression, social isolation and detachment. “Salt” was co-written and produced by award-winning songwriter Robyn Dell Unto, and it was the winner of the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Contest.


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