Jet Black – All is Wrong (Audio)

Jet Black’s “All is Wrong” is a thought provoking track that embraces a vintage alternative rock sound that is very reminiscent of bands from the mid 90s.

Our time is defined by a thirst for immediate and instantaneous gratification. Expansive technological growth has increasingly shattered our collective awareness. One can certainly wonder if there is any substantial meaning in investing time, energy, and resources in the creation of new music that will ultimately fade into generalized indifference. Why should one exert continuous creative efforts if they will inevitably be swallowed whole by an endless tide of algorithms? How should any artistic endeavor entail a significant value for its authors – a value that could even transcend the outcome of its process?

All is Wrong”, the new single taken from our new L’Ère du Vide LP, is the acknowledgment of capitalism’s failure from a human perspective. Similar to the album’s general theme, this song crystallizes the visceral desire to escape from a world stuck in a downward spiral, despite a sense of generalized powerlessness.

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