Anthony Mehed – On My Own (Lyrics/Lyric Video)

Anthony Mehed isn’t your typical rapper as on his debut single “On My Own” he takes a pop-styled approach into crafting an emotional ballad that leaves a lasting impression.

The story of young boy, who was raised without father will hit you straight in the heart from the first seconds. This is not a typical hip-hop song with simple hook & low bass beat.
There are some distinctly memorable traits about the whole thing that let it linger in your subconscious mind, providing a subtle ear-worm of sorts. These include the song’s hook, this underlying concept of being alone – doing it for yourself, working hard through struggle to find positivity and go your own way. The musical soundscape in full offers plenty in the way of character and identity – working in unison with the song’s key melody to make sure you remember it all. The song has a great hook, this is what you’re likely to take away from it each time it reappears in your playlist.

“My granny had a dream before i was born…She was buying some kid’s clothing for me and seller told her to buy a blue jacket. There was buttons with inscriptions “Chopin” on that jacket. So I believe that my destiny was written on the stars…”


“On My Own” debut solo single by Anthony Mehed available on all major music platforms ( Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.)


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