Bare Jams – Ebbs & Flows (Official Music Video)

Bare Jams’ “Ebbs & Flows” is truly the definition of happy-go-lucky music, with it’s inspirational lyrics & joyful melody.

Come with us as we search high and low to find Oscar’s picnic. It’s an epic journey filled with peril and sacrifice, so buckle up tight cos you’re in for quite the experience. Keep ridin’ them Ebbs and Flows 😉 Huge thanks to Fonthill Estate for allowing us to use the land!

Founded by Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Sam (drums/percussion) in 2011 as a busking duo, Bare Jams quickly grew into the 7-headed party phenomenon we know today. After the release of their first EP in 2014 the journey really started.
Now they drive their Linda Dotty Vagabond van from country to country, spreading joy as if life’s a soda commercial. Their big ol’ farmhouse is the centre of creation, leading to new songs to be released soon.

Filmed by Sam A James – top bloke, check out his other work here:

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Track Recorded and Mixed by Tom Loffman Copyright © 2018 Bare Jams

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