Opāru – Ghost To Follow (Lyrics/Lyric Video)

L.A based Electro artist & songwriter Opāru releases a more pop-y, powerful, & operatic ballad with “Ghost To Follow”.

Opāru returns with a brand new single, “Ghost to Follow,” on the heels of her critically acclaimed song “The Deep End” (Huff Post, Hype Machine etc.) “Ghost to Follow” is a regal and majestic journey that explores the deep human desire for belonging, purpose and acceptance. With powerful piano chords at the song’s core, producer Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull,) creates a dark, dreamlike soundscape on which Opāru’s divine operatic vocals dance with ambient strings and modern synths, giving the emotional record a touch of pop appeal.

The accompanying lyric video shows a miniature world created by Francis Gonzalez, made of many small every day items. It represents a shadow of the real world. Through beautiful lighting and effects we see a journey of desolation, longing and self-reflection, embodied by a doll carved from match sticks, who represents one’s ghost of themselves.


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