Carter Cruise – We Were (Audio)

Carter Cruise explores the emotions of her past love on “We Were”. Carter’s sultry vocals transport you to that time & place when you were young,reckless, irresponsible, & of course deeply in love.

Showcasing a more vulnerable, authentic side of Carter, the EP is the first project in which the recording artist uses her own vocals. The indie-electronic project is sure to send all the right moods your way, with emotion-evoking lyrics and feel-good melodies. In the Send Moods EP, expect Carter Cruise to serve up a whirlwind of feels to become with anthems for your end-of-summer playlists. 

“What I’ve always loved about music is its ability to change your mood or deepen it, depending on what you listen to. Songs can capture moods and create them. With this project, I wanted to be vulnerable and “emotionally naked” which is where the play on words for the title of the EP came from. ” – Carter Cruise.


3rd track off of the “Send Moods” EP
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