Emma Zander – My Generation (Audio)

Soulful vocals sang by the immensely talented Ms. Zander in a song that explores our current digital culture.

Emma Zander’s new single “My Generation is a glittering ode to the current world we live in. On “My Generation,” Zander‘s lush, textured vocals overlay forward-thinking pop production to create a punchy and addictive listen.

Zander explained the new song as being “inspired by the unique time we are living in right now, and our love-hate relationship with social media.” It bridges the gap between self-awareness and self-obsession. “My Generation” is a tongue-in-cheek yet jarringly relatable pop anthem that will resonate with all millennials.

Hailing from New York and now Los Angeles-based, Emma Zander’s music explores what it means to be a twenty-something in 2018. Her introspective and self-aware songwriting combined with her ethereal vocals have made her a sought-after co-writer and topliner.


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