Delta Will – Nothing Is Enough (Official Music Video)

Nothing Is Enough off the new Multitudes I EP, full of psych-pop, folk & soul influences.


We wrote “Nothing Is Enough” as a retro guitar-pop affair with big vocal harmonies and bouncy bass lines. Lyrically, it’s a more sombre affair that gives glimpses into our modern obsession with staring at screens. The song grapples with our desire for perpetual happiness, and our tendency to hide our true feelings. We paired up with animator Mike Pereira to make a video that illustrates these themes in a playful satirical manner, definitely somewhat inspired by Terry Gilliam’s fantastical Monty Python animations.

Multitudes I is the first in a series of three EP’s we’ll be releasing over the next year. Delta Will has always had a somewhat eclectic sound, inspired by a wide range of music and this project was the perfect excuse to write songs that drill a little deeper into some genres we’ve always flirted with.







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