Angel Sessions Talks About Her Faith On “Never (Don’t Go)”

Angel Sessions is Back with another uplifting song to raise your spirit & brighten-up your day!


“Never (Don’t Go)” is the latest offering from Angel Sessions. As with every song of hers, she goes in full-force & brings her a-game to the table. With such a high standard of quality it’s no wonder why Angel Sessions has garnered such a following over the years.

On “Never (Don’t Go)” Angel Sessions in once more blending traditional Gospel music with R&B but this time with a little hip-hop flair added within the instrumentation which was produced in accompany with Yan Banga. The song is framed around the worship, praise, and love for God within a Christian context. Expanding beyond that the actual chorus is about the everlasting words & messages of the Christian faith being everlasting, hence the repeating use of the phrase don’t go.

This song also has Angel further exploring her vocal range and skill with a comparison that can still be made to an early Mary J. Blige, by virtue of her amazing talent for harmonizing her vocals with additional overlapping lyrical flourishes . “Never (Don’t Go)” has Angel hitting some fairly high notes that evoke a comparison to another great R&B Diva of the 1990s which is the Diva Queen Herself Mariah Carey, lucky for us none of the attitude or negative stigmas can be applied to Angel at all she remains compassionate and humble as always. Angel’s lyrics remain very personal and introspective, as she describes the emotions behind her prayers. Additionally she describes in detail the comfort, joy, and fulfilment she feels by embracing God’s love and truth. These points are further reinforced via Angel’s surprising rap verse. Where she raps about even more about her commitment to  faith while using a modern rap flow and rhyme delivery in a similar fashion to rappers like Rapsody or even earlier material from Nicki Minaj. This is a breath of fresh-air compared to the prevalent and stereotypical mumble-rap seen from rappers like Lil’ Pump or Young Thug. The production on “Never (Don’t Go)” mixes alternating drum patterns with some snaps and snares being inserted to enhance specific notes or lyrics, the instrumentation hits various highs and lows that match Angel’s vocals creating a dynamic and engaging overall experience.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Angel Sessions about “Never (Don’t Go)” and her music.

What’s the inspiration behind your song?

The inspiration behind the song is about God Himself. Because of His love for me, I express my love for Him in this song, and the title Never (Don’t Go) is expressing me never wanting ever to lose His love.

How’s been the response you’ve been getting?

The Response has been wonderful from fans on SoundCloud, Facebook Twitter ect… my fans and new fans have been so supportive of my new record. It’s so amazing how you can touch the lives of many people though a song.

What do you want your fans to take-away from this song?

I want my fans to take away the memory of the lyrics I am speaking about my love for Christ and what He means to me, and hopefully what He may mean to them if they have a relationship with Christ.

How would you best describe your style and sound?

My style of singing I call it urban gospel because it has a hint of R&B with it, and this song, I use my rap skills and added hiphop to it.

What was your recording process like for this single?

My recording process was amazing. I am very critical of my work, and love taking my time to record, write and produce the song. Im also involved with the mix and mastering of my songs. The music was done by Jeremy Christian aka Yan Banga a very talented music writer.


You can listen to “Never (Don’t Go) By: Angel Sessions Here

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