Jeanne Vomit-Terror – Jokes Come True (Audio)

Electronic Music With Some Funky Vintage Sounds

With A Name Like Jeanne Vomit-Terror You Know Your In For Something Unique, & With Her Latest Single “Jokes Come True” That Is Exactly What We Get. “Jokes Come True” Is A Culmination Of Electro-Pop & Disco With Plenty Of Synthesized Flourishes For Extra Flavor.

Lexington, Kentucky based label collective Desperate Spirits will issue Empire Waste, the debut album by mysterious disco-influenced chanteuse Jeanne Vomit-Terror on Aug. 3rd.

“‘Jokes Come True’ is a sonic chop-shop job of Detroit techno and Latin freestyle with gaudy detailing of Egyptian modes and breathy insouciance,” Vomit-Terror tells us. The message is this: absurdity is the fundamental element of this reality, and if you learn to manipulate it like rolling mercury in your hands, you can score some real points in causality (and reverse causality).”

The eight songs that comprise Empire Waste showcase Vomit-Terror’s fearless weirdness and pop ingenuity.“Jokes Come True” wheels a sleek dystopian Drexciya groove into a joyous, synthetic Gloria Estefan refrain.“Lost in Luxury” juxtaposes a soaring anthemic chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Ke$ha B-side with turbulent analog riffage straight out of Hardcore Devo: Volume One





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