Quality Cable – Smile Back (Audio)

Relaxed & Laid Back Indie Rock With A Sprinkle Dream Pop Magic

Quality Cable Is An Indie Rock Band Formed September of 2017, After They All Met At The Music School at University of Louisville.  Consisting Of Emma Treganowan (Guitarist/Vocalist), William Lamkin (Keyboardist), Fiona Palensky (Drummer), & Sam John Kernohan (Bassist). Together Their Aim Was To Create A Unique Style Of Indie Rock. Although QC\’s Music is Classical & Jazz Inspired, They Want To Make Sure The Music Is Super Accessible So They Can Be Able To Spread Their Love & Passion To Their Rock Loving Fans. Whic Is Evident Through Their High Energy Live Performances & The Quality Of Their Recordings. On July 4th 2018, They Released Their Newest EP Called \”Static\” Where You Will Be Able To Find Hints Of Disco, Jazz, Brazilian, & Rock, Played With A Whole Lot Of Love. Be Sure To Check-Out More From Quality Cable In The Links Below.









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