WAV – DISCO (Official Music Video)

“Wav Wants The World To Know He Has Diamonds Shining On Him Like He’s Up Inside A Disco. Check-Out This Alcohol Infused Party Song, That’ll Have You Turning-Up Every Day Of The Week. Not To Mention The Shiny, Bright, & Very Disco-Like Visuals Filled With Amazing Lighting Effects.”


WAV – DISCO (Official Music Video)

Sponsored by: HPNOTIQ

Hpnotiq and hip hop have gone hand in hand since day one. In that spirit, Hpnotiq and Elevator are bringing back the ICONIQ mixtape, featuring two sides, 13 exclusive tracks, 13 exclusive videos and six tracks submitted on social media by the Hpnotiq community.

The second visual installment for ICONIQ2, WAV – DISCO. Up next we’ve got Larry June, Nessly, Robb Bank$, K$upreme, Sir Michael Rocks, Nike Boi and more. Stay tuned as we drop all-new exclusive music videos every other week. And make sure to tell your friends, family and anyone else you know by using the hashtag #HPNOTIQICONIQ

Oh and did we mention this is just Side A? So much more music coming your way. Shout out to real mixtapes. No fakin’

Directed by: MidVessel
Produced by: Jake Markow X 1Isaac Beats


★ MidVessel





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