The Hope State – Just Survive (Official Music Video)

“The Hope State’s ‘Just Survive’ Is An Emotionally-driven & Personal Song That Is Both Inspirational & Motivational. Expertly Sang With A Soft-Tone & Pitch That Evokes A Dream-Like Experience.”


Despite always feeling thankful to have steady work in the music industry, I felt as if a large part of my artistic freedom and general happiness were being comprised through my work as a ghostwriter. I longed to write more personal, meaningful songs and to perform them live. With that, I began writing and playing under The Hope State.

Now, living in Toronto, I’ve begun working with JUNO Award-winner Crispin Day (July Talk), and am gearing up to release my debut Skeletons LP – an introspective and intensely honest look at regret, depression, addiction, love and loss – this coming October.

Written by The Hope State

Directed by Taylor Johnson

Director of Photography: Mark Utley

Edited by Keenan Kirk L

ocation Manager/Production assistant: Joe Marques

Produced by Taylor Johnson

All rights reserved. All copyrights belong to The Hope State • TwitterFacebookInstagram

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