CEEM – The Morning After (Audio)

“An Amazing Electronic Track From CEEM That Blends Multiple Genres & Instrumentation Beyond The Standard Samples, Patterns, & Snares Of Most Electronic Songs. With ‘The Morning After’ Some Utilizes Some Pop-Like Sounds & Tempo As Well As The Use Of Acoustic Guitar. All Of That Together Makes For A Unique Electronic Anthem Like You’ve Never Heard Before.”


‘CEEM’, the Seattle-born and bred artist, crosses borders and merges boundaries as he conjures up the dark and the brooding sounds he dubs as ‘Emotronic’. He describes it as a cohesive blend of electronic and emo. Much of his material is born from the depths of his own experiences, with much of the lyrical content encapsulating themes of rebellion, the wounds of heartbreak, being misunderstood and marginalized, and looking for acceptance and inclusion are just some of the themes that resonate in his productions. His music echoes influences from the likes of David Bowie, Madonna, Depeche Mode, and Blondie to name just a few.





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