CROATIA – Half Dreams (Official Music Video)

“Croatia’s Latest Offering Breaks Beyond The Definitions Of Progressive & Futuristic. Their Newest Music Video Is A Feast For The Senses With Stunning Visuals & Lighting Effects That Perfectly Match With The Songs Dream-Like Aura. ‘Half Dreams’ Transcends The Boundaries Of Indie Pop/Rock & Uplifts Itself Into The Spheres Of Timeless & Great Music.”


Half Dreams is an album about disassociation – the intense and nauseating states of half-dream, half-reality that swirl around meaningful experiences.

When we began writing the material that would eventually reveal itself as the album, there were no common lyrical or musical themes in mind. We had just recently taken on Justin Campbell as our new vocalist, and had few expectations of writing songs that we might hold on to, let alone release together.  But as we continued writing, these particular songs gravitated towards each other in that same unexplained, reality-warping sense that underscores each of the five tracks.

The EP’s title track is a frenetic and forward moving song both musically and lyrically, and demanded visuals that would match that energy. Aside from the general aesthetic, we had in mind for the video, we fully entrusted our videographer (Lindsey Blane) and lighting designer (Michael Franzmann) to help us showcase the song’s natural momentum.

The fact that Half Dreams is Lindsey’s debut work as a videographer only added to the magic of this collaboration. Lindsey is a good friend and celebrated music photographer so we knew that we were in good care with her behind the lens. We are still in awe at her ability to capture the essence of the song so perfectly.


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VIDEO CREDITS: Directing & Editing – Lindsey Blane Lighting – Michael Franzmann This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

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