Y-Dresta – Fly High (Audio) + Review

“A Summer-Time Westcoast Anthem”


Y-Dresta is a Rap-Artist from Sacramento & San Diego, CA and ‘Fly High is the latest single of his upcoming album “Player 1” dropping July 3rd 2018. ‘Fly High’ definitely has a fresh summer feel, you can almost imagine the sun and palm trees.

The beat is very reminiscent of 90s west coast g-funk complete with some synth licks that compliment the singing throughout the chorus. Y-Dresta himself also has a sound a flow which is entrenched in the 90s west coast rap style, you could almost imagine him rapping along 90s west coast titans such as Daz, Krupt, and Snoop. As well the R&B crooning on the chorus is again very steeped in the west coast style, which is a tactic used to make hits by west coast producers like Dr. Dre.

Overall this is a certified feel-good summertime single, whether your on the bus or in a drop-top Benz crank this one up and vibe out.



By: B. MacDougall, 24Our Music Contributor 





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