Jackson Reed – Dark Areas of Description (Full Album)

A native of Northern Ontario, Reed has undertaken many creative ventures and this album, his second as a solo act, is the most recent. ‘Dark Areas of Description’, in comparison to Reed’s previous album The November Gales, is a journey through uncharted waters while simultaneously being true to his folk roots.

In Reed’s consistency in keeping true to both themes of experimentation and traditional folk, you’ll find yourself floating through the droning, space-like sounds of the opening track and being gently pulled back to the ground with the familiar voices of the harmonica in the following tracks. It is safe to say that wherever you are while listening to this album, you won’t be there for long as you’re lead to the many places, emotions and stories Reed shares through his craft. With a mixture of dark undertones, upbeat folk tunes and introspective lyrics, there is something for everyone in this eclectic album. The new album is out on So Sorry Records. Order here.





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