Jamison Isaak – Us (Official Audio)

Jamison Isaak has been releasing acclaimed music under various aliases for the past eight years. Earlier this year he returned to his namesake to release the neoclassical EP1 and is now following with EP2 – out May 25, 2018. In anticipation, Jamison has shared a taste of the album with “Us”. Whether it’s the ambient-leaning synthpop sounds of Teen Daze, sun-drenched dance tracks of Pacific Coliseum, or the quiet and meditative folk songs as Two Bicycles, Isaak has created a fanbase around his compelling, melodic, and atmospheric works

“Us” is the most upbeat track Jamison has released under his own name. His thoughts on the new single: “It started as an experimentation with running a piano through a series of effects, recording layers on top of one another until the climactic chords enter in the middle of the song.  It feels like it would be appropriate to soundtrack a person as they run to tell someone they love them.”

EP2 picks up where EP1 left off – four quiet piano explorations, trekking deeper into atmosphere and space. “First” and “Peace” bookend the release with a minimal, ambient mood, while “Us” and “Animals” explore a more positive, and uplifting feel.EP2 is available via Isaak’s own label, FLORA and is available now to listen and share on streaming services.

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