CRÈME – Deed (Official Audio)

CRÈME is the creation of Trixie Reiss. A former collaborator with pioneering electronic act The Crystal Method, Reiss wrote and performed on their debut platinum-selling album Vegas, which included their No.1 hit ‘Comin’ Back’. Reiss now returns with new music as CRÈME, entirely written, produced and performed by herself: a genuine solo affair.

“Deed” is a song that arose from a visceral dream about a situation that happened between a “Deed” (a man in drag who likes women sexually) and me,” Trixie explains. “It culminates with a reverse #metoo moment where I am the predator. When I sat down to write it, I fell in love with that arp FM bass and used it to create an off balance and unpredictable lead melody to set the mise-en-scène.  “Deed” became a stage where I got to act out what mattered most that day…through a multi faceted lens.”







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