no:carrier & Scilla – Tomorrow’s Sorrow (Lyrics/Lyric Video)

The ultra-moody video visually captures the emotional weight of the song. Evoking Portishead, Massive Attack and Morcheeba, “Tomorrow’s Sorrow” (like all the tracks on Chasing Tears) is dark, somber, and emotive. The creative partnership doesn’t shy away from writing about deep fears of regret and failure and telling stories of breakups and emancipation. They also share a fondness for connecting heavy lyrics with the beat-forward vibe of trip hop.

no:carrier’s Chris Wirsig says, “Since hearing Portishead’s Dummy for the first time, I always wanted to produce some trip hop songs. In Scilla, I’ve found the perfect partner for that, and her background in jazz and pop brings the melodic base to the songs while I can throw in some electronic production.”





written by Scilla Siekmann and Chris Wirsig published by Counter Communications (ASCAP) and Sour Candy Music (ASCAP)

recorded at Counter Communications studio, Los Angeles produced by Chris Wirsig cover photo by Carlo Alberto Orecchia cover design and video production by Chris Wirsig (p)(c) 2018 Counter Communications, Sour Candy Music




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