Slowcoaches – Found Down (Official Audio)

London, UK punk-pop three-piece Slowcoaches, a new signing to Sonic Unyon Records, have forged a flint-hard reputation in the time-honoured crucible of rock clubs. “Found Down” is the title track from the raw, raucous new two-track release from the take-no-prisoners trio and it speaks directly to that difficult path.  

Of the song, bassist-vocalist Heather Perkins says: “It’s about how the ‘struggle’ of the artist is glamourised by mainstream labels via the media in order to sell records. And it’s about how mundane and frustrating the day-to-day reality of that struggle can actually be, whether that’s mental, financial or something else.”

“When I wrote ‘Found Down’,” Perkins recently told Dice, “a few of my friends had decided to stop playing in bands and stop doing anything creative because they felt pressured by their family/work/partners to ‘grow up’ and start being serious about making money and sorting their lives out.

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