Featured New Music: Jake Allen – If You Fall Apart (Official Music Video)

The Song has a very dream-like tone & atmosphere to it which complement Jake Allen’s style. He sings about themes of escapism and saving a loved-one. The video itself has some esoteric imagery to it. The most prevalent symbol running throughout it are various balls of light following Jake Allen during various stages of his life, which is likely representing artistic inspiration. Overall the song is above par for a romantic indie-rock/pop song but the visuals and story being told via the music video add a deeper meaning to the lyrics.

From “Deviant Motions” (2018)

Directed by Jake Burgess Produced by Jake Allen

Pre-order the full album at the following link and receive “If You Fall Apart” immediately: http://radi.al/FT8nKzC

Jake Allen (@jake_allen_music) • Instagram photos and videos



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