Write-Up: In Case You Missed It, There’s New Jimi Hendrix

There’s something about Jimi Hendrix that seems to keep him at the forefront of pop culture, even as we approach the 50th anniversary of his death in 2020. That’s not to say Kiss The Sky is topping the iTunes charts, of course, and thankfully there hasn’t yet been a major attempt to put Hendrix on tour via hologram just yet. But Hendrix is the rare artist who was so iconic in his time people never quite seem ready to let go.

There are several recent examples of this being the case. For instance, we heard just last fall that New York might name a street after the late artist. With locals hoping the name would recapture the cultural shift of the Greenwich Village block, the effort appears to still be underway. Specifically, for those who might be familiar with New York or specifically the Greenwich Village area, the idea is to rename 8th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue as Hendrix Way.

This is hardly the only tribute to Hendrix that’s emerged in recent years however. Seattle named a park after the artist just last summer (after working on it for several years). Recently we’ve heard that a brand of legal marijuana may also be named for Hendrix. And online game developer NetEnt used Hendrix’s music and general aesthetic to craft one of the most popular slot arcades based on music just a couple years ago. The game is said to have a suitably surreal, abstract style to fit in with some of Hendrix’s funky yet catchy hits.

Recent news has us moving well beyond tribute territory, however, and into what can only be described as unexpected delights for Hendrix fans. Just this year, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings released the album Both Sides Of The Sky, which was recorded from 1968 to 1970 and reportedly contains 10 previously unreleased recordings. Blending some of the more classic Hendrix sound with a somewhat toned down approach he took in his final years, the album has a little bit of everything – which, when you think about it, might just be perfect given that his fan base now stretches across multiple generations, each with different musical preferences and tastes.

It’s not an album that’s going to redefine Hendrix’s place in history, nor will it produce any new hits in all likelihood. But for fans of the legendary guitarist, music lovers in general, or even those who might be curious about exploring what made him so great, Both Sides Of The Sky is certainly worth listening to. It’s not all too often we get a treat like this from an artist who left us too soon.

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