New Music: Emilie Mover – Walkin’ Through (Official Audio)

While it may sound like your typical love song (and can definitely be interpreted that way), “Walking Through” is actually about my relationship with the unseen, the big picture, the divine, Hashem, G-O-D – whatever word you want to call it. It’s about having faith in something, and striving to maintain that faith even though the world can often be a very doubtful, cynical place.

Recording at The Bathouse in Kingston, was amazing, largely in part to Sean Dean (The Sadies) showing up and staying for a couple of days. He played on “Walking Through,” and was a total blast to have around. We recorded it on the side of the property in a small, enclosed veranda so that we could pick up the sound of cars driving past on the country road. You can hear them if you listen closely.

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