New Music: Carla Stark – Once A Cheater (Official Music Video)

Coming up with her first album, pop-folk singer/songwriter Carla Stark is a chameleon, with her eclectic charm abundant in two new singles “Start Starting” and “Once a Cheater”.
“About the project, it all started when I met Essaï Altounian, at that time I was playing in an Indian musical called Beyond Bollywood, touring Europe, and I met him on a complete different matter than my, at that point, non-existent album. Essaï is a composer and arranger and I asked him if I could send him some of my lyrics, to see if he felt that they could be put in music or not. He completely loved them and said he’d be happy to compose. At that point, I still didn’t have in mind that I would be the one singing, but when he sent over the first draft of a song (which happened to be my other single “Start Starting”) and I tried to sing it, he completely loved my voice as well and asked me to be the one to sing everything! And here we are, one year later, with 12 songs and 3 beautiful videos.”
About these song in particular, the fun fact is that they are the first lyrics I ever wrote, about 6 years ago. I was at a very low moment in my life, after a break-up with a very bad guy (hence the “Once a Cheater” song, the lyrics couldn’t be clearer…!) and I wrote both of them in about 40mins in one night, and I didn’t write anything else for years (but now I got inspired and I wrote about 40 songs since then). When I sent all of my songs to Essaï, he instantly flashed on the lyrics of Start Starting, and he sent me this very upbeat song with it. It felt weird at first, because when I wrote it I was so low that I imagined a very very sad song.. But years later, when I was in completely different set of mind, I actually heard the hope that I had put in my lyrics, without realising it at the time, and I was so happy that Essaï could show it to me!
“For ‘Once a Cheater’, I requested a tango.. Obviously it’s more of a pop-cabaret-kinda-tango but I really wanted that energy in the song because that’s how I felt I would sing it best.”

Lyrics by : Carla Stark

Composer : Essaï Altounian

Music produced by : Essaï Altounian & BeMaD Production

A film written and directed by : Guillaume Simonin

Produced by : Octopods Filmmaking Agency & Shimera Films



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