New Music: Gregory Ackerman – Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None (Lyrics/Lyric Video)

Los Angeles area-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Gregory Ackerman has made an album that sounds as inviting as its title indicates. And Friends, the artist’s debut full-length arrives May 25th, 2018via V2/Munich. The album was produced by Rilo Kiley bassist, Pierre de Reeder.

“Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None”  is the latest single by Gregory Ackerman, available now.

Ackerman explains, “Writing this song was a direct response to watching the never-ending news cycle. The news was constantly feeding me doom and gloom, and I had to gain back control over it with the only way I knew how – writing music. This song offers no solutions, just commentary.”

Having soaked up the sun and song of the Laurel Canyon air since childhood, Ackerman’s warmth is immediately showcased on And Friends, opening with his own immersive double-tracked vocals, guitar and piano playing, along with the sincere contributions of Ackerman’s actual friends.

Swarthy drumming comes courtesy of high school friend, Keenan McDaniel, plaintive slide guitars fromTom Relling, a friend since middle school, and beautiful vocal touches are provided by singer, Malarie Howard, who lends a female perspective to “Keep Falling,” the album’s first single, who Ackerman met in college. The dusty harmonica throughout the album is by Ackerman’s brother Eric, who also performs in Gregory’s live band, and has likely been a friend of his brother’s since birth.

Everything else that we hear on And Friends comes from Ackerman himself. The album represents a singular point of view that is uncommon on a debut. Where some might be finding their footing, Ackermanis firmly planted.

And Friends by Gregory Ackerman is scheduled for release on May 25th via V2/MunichAckerman is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.

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